Prior to Market: Mariner's Compass Quilting

So before I left for Market I got to quilt an absolutely wonderful project for Cottonpickers Quilt Shop.

My Mom, Beth, owns Cottonpickers and traveled to Montana this past June to certify the shop in Judy Niemeyer's techniques for Paper Piecing. While there she started this beauty:
 I don't know if it officially has a name yet, but this will be the new Technique of the Month from Quiltworx (Judy's Company) for 2013. Each month you will work on a different part of the quilt so you can learn all the areas over a gradual period of time. The quilt we made is with the queen extensions on it, but it can be made as just the small square (from the light blue border in) or as an octagon (just the white areas in).
 So this week I loaded it up on the good 'ol Gammill and went to town. I decided to try and incorporate nautical/boating themes into the quilting.

 Here's the center almost complete, just the purple areas left to quilt.
 The afternoon sun was setting and it really lit up the details in the quilting. As you can see I quilted waves, ropes, swirls and some line dancing here. The brown feathered star got some seaweed (or as I'm calling it - ring of fire) quilting shortly after I took this picture.
 I used all sorts of quilting techniques in different areas as you can see. The brown rope is a bit chubbier than the copper rope towards the center of the quilt.
 I put in some wood grain detailing in the striped areas that reminded me of the decks of ships. The navy blue in the borders got a mix of waves and seaweed fronds...
 And after much effort I'm glad to say it's done and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
 Here's the center fully finished.
 More details.
 Here's a better view of the outer borders. Overall it took me three days and seven different colors of thread to get this quilt done, but it was soooooo worth it! I wouldn't change a thing!
 We chose a wide backing in this sage-ish green color. If the light was just right, from the back of the machine I could really see the details in the quilting.
I love how that rope stands out so well on the back! I have yet to see the back all at once to show all the quilting. Once I got the quilt done I had to rush off to meet a customer and head off to the airport. Mom is working on getting the binding done now, so maybe I will get to see it before it gets sent to Montana for photos.

As mentioned before, this is a pattern by Quiltworx that will be available starting in January. But there's a catch - you won't be able to get this at just any store. This pattern is only available through Certified Shops or Certified Instructors. There's only 16 Certified Shops between the U.S.A. and Canada, but they have all made this quilt.

Not only have all of the shops made this quilt, but they're all different. Different colors, different color placement. You can check them all out on Judy's website. Even better, if you want to make one of the quilts just like one made by a Certified Shop, they will have kits for their version available too!

If you'd like to get on the list to reserve a kit of the quilt shown above, please e-mail Beth at CottonpickersQuiltShop (at) gmail (dot) com and tell her I sent ya!

This quilt in particular by far has got to be the most intricate design Mom has pieced and that I have quilted. It feels great that we were able to be a team effort on this one. So proud of ya Mom!

Now I've got to jump in the shower and get ready for Fall Market Day 1! Yippee!


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