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So we're finally home! Ben and I were supposed to be home Monday afternoon, but we made it as far as Atlanta before our flight home got cancelled. Here we were racing to catch our next flight which ended up not even existing. All delays aside, we were safe and sound and I'd rather have it that way. The worst thing that happened to us was once our flight was cancelled, our checked bag was kept at the airport and went on the next flight home whether we were on it or not... So we spent the night in the hotel with half of our toiletries and the clothes we had on. Yuck! We were on the first flight home with our airline, but our luggage must have hopped on another carrier because it made it home before we did, it was there the night before... Explain that one to me...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are still trapped in airports or hotels with no way to get home. We met many people during our travels that are not sure there is anything waiting for them once they are able to get home. I also pray for all of those who stuck it out through the storm. I cannot even imagine the devastation some are experiencing.

But, we made it to our first Fall Market.
 We walked and walked and finished the whole thing on the first day. The first day we skim and take all sorts of pamphlets and brochures. Then when we can't stand anymore we head back to the hotel and sort it all out and get a gameplan for the next day. It seems to work. The picture above is a view from the center aisle looking from one end of the booths to the other. Behind the wall in the back was the International Quilt Show. Amazing quilts in there!
 I also stopped by the Martingale booth and got my awesome Author badge with the cover of my book on it! It's starting to seem real! It might not be truly real until I have a book in my hands, but it's getting there. Oh, and I did have dinner the first night with several other Martingale authors and I had so much fun. I didn't take my camera, but if I get my hands on a photo I'll be sure to share it with you all!
Ben and I also got to go over to the Moda Party which was Western themed. Including a mechanical bull. I guess this was just supposed to be a photo-op, but once a few people started riding it, the party continued and the bull got to bucking! The Moda party was a great time with a country band, a Reba look-alike and really great food.

Sad to say I didn't get many other photos while I was gone. I am proud of myself to get this many photos because if you remember back to Spring Market... I had my camera in my pocket the whole time and only took one photo the whole trip...

I got more photos, but they're more for me rather than sharing. However, come Spring Market in Portland, I will be sure to get as many photos as I can!

So now it's back home, back to quilting and reality and laundry and all those wonderful things. Maybe even including a new pattern... I'll keep you posted later this week once I get my head back on straight.

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  1. Glad you had a great time at Market and made it home safely. The pictures you shared with us are good ones and the Moda party sounded like fun. Congrats on your new book. Am anxious to check it out.


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