Cruise Port #3 St. Maarten!!!

Just saying, if you didn't notice by my ancy demeanor in putting up the video from Maho Beach shortly after we got home, this was my favorite port for this cruise. Ben and I had heard of Maho Beach before since it's been featured on the Travel Channel in a few of their countdown specials. Even seeing it on TV did not prepare me for the day we would have.
 We left the port to head over to Maho Beach. Mystical wonderful Maho Beach.
 We got there just in time to see the updates for the flight schedule for the day.
 It's right above this beautiful stretch of the beach...
 And just happens to be across from this sign (there are several of these signs, FYI)
 I found some shells on the beach along with the other girls we were traveling with. No matter what type of shell, they are almost all white. The water is so clear that the sun is able to bleach the color out of them all.
 But the sun was hot and food sounded good so Ben and I headed to Sunset Bar & Grill.
 Where this was our view for the afternoon.
 The drinks were cold, the food was good. Oh, the food! We had the most amazing wood fired pizza. It was all hot and bubbly but it was sooooooo good that even though my mouth was being scorched, I couldn't stop eating. It was a shrimp and garlic pizza on a pomodoro sauce with lots of cheese - Yummy!
 The views were great and I have NEVER EVER seen water this color before. Granted the color of the water in the Caribbean is gorgeous no matter where you go, but this was incredible.
 It looked like it was glowing. I couldn't stop staring! So I'll let you do the same over these next pictures.

Did we "see all the sights"? Nope. Did we go on an adventure? If you consider taking a cab to a beach near an airport an adventure, then no. Was this my favorite day of the whole trip? Yes Yes and Yes. I want to go back already... I probably would be a beach bum hanging out at the local bar from dawn til dusk, but it's paradise... One last port!


  1. Thanks for the post. You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the webcruiseports

  2. awesome pictures! went to st. martin on a cruise as well, but unfortunately, didn't make it to maho beach, as much as I wanted to! Thanks for sharing! check out my post on my blog! :)


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