Sorry it's been a bit quiet here. I was trying to hurry up and do all sorts of things in the time I had off before I went back to work to help out. I got a ton of stuff done in the meantime and had a nice trip down to Holmes County for a trade show, but it wasn't all I thought it was cracked up to be.

When I got done running around and made it back to work to help out until my position was filled (which I didn't have to do, but I agreed that I would) I returned to find all of my personal belongings shoved into a box sitting next to the garbage. And it just continued downhill from there.

If it had to end, I surely didn't think it would end that way, but I'm glad it's over and I can concentrate on new patterns and quilting and life in general.

For the first time in months I have been able to sit down and watch TV, clean my house as needed, cook dinners again, workout, read books, and just enjoy life. It's hard realizing that the most important thing I need to focus on is myself after my focus has been elsewhere for far too long, but I'm taking daily strides to make myself and my life better and that makes me happy.

Sorry again for being a bit quiet, but with all the crap this last week had involved in it, I wasn't exactly in a chatty kinda mood. This week seems very promising and I can feel the wind in my sails again. Thanks for understanding and I'll have much more wonderful things coming to the blog shortly, promise!

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