Challenge Quilts

So our guild does a Challenge project just about every year. This year is a new concept to me and maybe you all could help me out (or offer suggestions as I go along)

This year's challenge is "Not Playing With A Full Deck", we each chose from a deck of cards. Whatever card we chose, we need to make a quilt no larger than 12" x 14" that depicts the card.

We can use our imagination and do any embellishments, painting, whatever to create it so it has more of an art quilt feel to it.

So which card did I choose?
My gut keeps leading me back to an idea similar to a project I did in school while I was studying Typography. I'm playing with it thinking that I'm going to try some applique with the "new to me" method where you baste along the seam lines and then the basting perforations should make the applique easier... Atleast that's the hope.

So if you were given this challenge, what would you do? I'm going to play on the computer and see if I can come up with a design to replicate. I'll keep you posted!

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