Stop on out!

Today I should be at Cottonpicker's all day if you are in the Chardon area and have any questions about long arm machine quilting. I can talk over the different patterns and options with you, look at a quilt for you and give a quote or just chat in general!

Don't forget that even if you have any questions at all and may not be in the area but would like some answers before handing over your quilt to someone to be completed, I'm all ears. Let me know what you would like more information on and I'll try to help you out.

I'm planning on doing some tutorials on how the long arm works, how the quilts are loaded, quilted and unloaded and different things to keep in mind that can either help or hinder in this process.

Hope to see many people today, I know I haven't been at the shop that much lately, but this whole job thing keeps getting in the way of my fun... But I'm hoping that will change in the future too :)

I'll be showing more pictures of recent quilts I've long armed here too with some newer designs for me. It's so exciting to try something new! Back with more soon!

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