Packing my bags!

Tonight I will be packing my bags, after doing some last minute laundry and getting ready to head off to SPRING MARKET!!!!!

I'm soooo totally excited (can you tell?) This is Ben's first time going to Market of any kind, my second time only!

I went to Spring Market a few years ago in Pittsburgh tagging along with my Mom. It was right when I started toying with the idea of starting Ruby Blue, but wasn't quite sure exactly was I was getting into. I had an idea, but going to Market puts it all into perspective.

I thought I would walk in,
see what everyone else was doing,
and then turn and run the other way as fast as possible...

But I was wrong, I loved it and couldn't wait to go home and get the business up and running. Everyday after walking the show floor I'd go back to the hotel room and draw up new designs.

Now I get to go back with both my Husband and my Mom, to Kansas City where I'm hoping to have some life changing BBQ and get to put names and faces with all of the other quilters I've met through this blog, the Moda Bake Shop or wherever.

That and I get to see all the newest, latest and greatest of everything. Quilts. Notions. Gadgets. AND FABRIC!!! I love fabric - Ben even yelled at me last week to stop petting my one quilt I just finished (anyone else mindlessly find themselves petting the quilts? or is it just me?)

So, currently the plan is to do what laundry is at home, figure out what to pack and get it all ready because as soon as I get home from work tomorrow I'm basically changing my clothes, grabbing my bags and out the door. I'm going to do a couple little posts if I can while I'm gone, but next week I'll be back with all sorts of updates and pictures I'm sure - which reminds me I should charge my camera once I get home too. I'd hate to get there with a dead battery!

Spring Market, here I come!


  1. Have fun and don't forget your walking shoes!

  2. Hopefully they will let you take pictures! I will love going through you to market, I am counting on you to tell me about everything!!! Oh yeah, have a really good time and yes I am a quilt toucher. Love the feel of good fabric.


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