I'm sure many of you have seen the devastation in Chardon the past few days. It's on the news, on the Internet, on the radio...

I'm not one to usually post about bad situations on here, I like to keep a light feel to the blog and escape to this cheery place for a chat, however...

I grew up in Thompson, OH. We have no grocery store, so you have to go to the next town over - Chardon. I worked in Chardon during High School at the local Tractor Supply, and now Cottonpickers Quilt Shop resides in Chardon, about 1 mile from the High School...
 I cannot begin to express the emotions and words I feel about this tragedy. I currently do not directly know anyone at Chardon High, but the entire region, not just town, REGION is stepping up in anyway they can to help this community heal. Just look:
 There's my tiny Alma Matter up at the top right, but look at this! It's so sad that this event happened. The wounds are deep and the scars will be forever, but this community will become stronger than it ever has been. That I am sure of.
I love my school, these kids are amazing and yes, I am sure this is the ENTIRE school showing their support. They have been to every prayer vigil, are planning more, and holding fundraisers to help the community - especially helping to fund the unexpected funeral costs for the families of the deceased. Ledgemont may be small in numbers, but they are large in heart...

I guess the main reason I decided to share this with all of you is to show how amazing I think my community can be, even in the face of tragedy. I would like to ask that even though we are trying our hardest to make the wounds heal, any amount of encouragement you could give to this community would be appreciated.

I'm not asking for monetary donations - if you could write a card and send it to the High School (just a small note with kind words of encouragement). In the future once the cameras and media are gone, but the memories still remain, this community will need then, more than now, a reminder of the kindness of strangers. A reminder of the better side of things.

Thank you kindly for reading this post if you've made it this far and please - go home and give kindness to those that you love. As my one friend said, give a hug and love to your children, but also remember to teach them how to love and hug...


  1. Dear Rebecca, This is such a tragic event to happen so close to home I would love to send an encouraging card to the High School. If you could possibly email me the address. In fact, I think I might ask my church to send it. Thank you Lisa

  2. If you would like to send a card to the High School, their address is:

    151 Chardon Avenue
    Chardon, OH 44024

    Thank you again, keep those thoughts and prayers coming!


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