The Joys of Winter...

Or whatever you decide to call this menagerie Mother Nature is giving us...

My week has basically consisted of trying to get back on my feet and healthy again, however it seems this weather has been prime season for colds for just about everyone I know. Ben's sick, the guys at work are sick, their wives and kids are sick. And here I sit crossing my fingers at them and telling them to get better, but GO AWAY!!!

So as much as I'd like to say I got so much accomplished this week and I'm feeling all hunky dory... Not so much. I'm feeling much better, but between work and fighting off everyone else's colds and germs, I'm learning my limits this week and they're not allowing me to do much.

I did get some little odds and ends done in the quilting room this week, but no long arm quilting just yet. However if I keep nursing myself back to "normal" I plan on having a very productive end of the week.

So, most of the week has been kinda lazy:
 Paco decided to steal my chair and take up the entire thing with his nest and the dinosaur toy. (It's his FAVORITE, watch a video of him too excited to grab onto it and run here)
 Duncan crashed on the couch the one day, He didn't move an inch when I took these.
 Doesn't that face just make you wanna grab it and give it lots of kisses?! Love this dog!
 Speaking of Duncan, when I was sewing earlier this week I looked over and this was how he was laying on the floor. Ouch! This does not look comfortable at all!
Even the squirrel had to take a small snooze after his snack.

The squirrels have been eating well, I love watching them just about every day. The new feeder we got has been a huge hit, but they still can't resist the temptation of a regular old corncob. So far no mini squirrels to report, but it's still early in the season. I really hope I have more squirrel babies in the tree again this year!

Well, this week I'm off to Shipshewana for a fabric show and working. Oh, almost forgot - next weekend is the vendor's weekend at the Lake Farmpark Show. 15 vendors, 200+ quilts, 1 location. It's a great place to be. This year it runs Friday - Sunday, 9 - 5 each day. If you haven't been to the show yet, stop on by this weekend and get some shopping done at the same time!

So that about does it for today, tomorrow I will be back to announce the winner of the giveaway (you can still enter through tonight by clicking here) and I have a wonderful tutorial planned for you. Lots and lots to do this week, so I'm off! Have a great week!

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