Twilight anyone?

I can't show you much of what I've been working on lately, since most of them are Christmas presents that I've been machine quilting for others...
The other day as I was driving to Mom's house to use the long arm machine, the fog was sooooo thick it was really hard to see more than about 100 feet or so in spots. It was a little less dense at the house (yes, the picture above was an improvement over some of the areas I drove through!), but the way the fog enveloped the woods and hid the large barns close to the house, it reminded me of the new movies...

I'm heading back out to the house today after I work at the quilt shop this morning and I'm hoping to get a couple more quilts done today. Wish me luck!

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  1. I hope you're getting lots done! How nice that your mom has a longarm and you get to use it. Sharing is good. I love fog - if I'm not driving!


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