Happy Veteran's Day!

I would like to start by saying a HUGE thank you to all members who served, are serving, or aspire to serve this wonderful country of ours as well as the family members that stand by their side with support every single second of every day.

But I have a small bit of trivia - do you know why the flags are backwards on military uniforms???
So, I was curious on this myself so I researched it. Basically the flag is placed on the right shoulder or to the right of the soldier which is considered the place of honor. The flag is backwards representing the color guard that used to lead the troops into Battle. These days color guards are only used in formal procedures so the direction of the flag represents the soldier forging into battle, as if the flag was blowing towards them as the move forward...

Lots of details and representation from one little detail on a uniform! Thank you again and remember to honor the troops all days, not just today!

And in honor of my Father-In-Law - Semper Fi!

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