Sorta MIA

I really apologize for the teaser and then just disappearing... I'm not like that all the time I swear!

I was in a rush doing about one hundred things all at the same time and trying to get it all done before this:
 My Hubbin and I with a bunch of our friends went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean and I was working til the 12th hour trying to get about 2 months worth of projects done in 2 hours (which I know can't be done, but somehow think I can still manage it anyway... I'll never learn on that one!)
 And as much as I enjoy chatting on here with all of you and love my quilts and this fun little business of mine - spending time with my Hubbin in the Caribbean 24/7 for a week when the last few months we've been lucky to see each other for more than a few hours a week (so NOT kidding)... This completely trumped everything else for a week. All the deadlines, the new patterns, the everything. All so I could spend time with my Hubbin!
This was our first stop on the cruise and we found this awesome all inclusive resort that you can get a day pass with ocean access, pool access and as much food and drinks you could enjoy... So yes this is a picture of Ben with a drink at about 10 in the morning... What can I say it was vacation?

So, now we're home. I'm freezing my tooshie off! And I'm continuing to work on the newest pattern line! I don't have pictures today, I promise if you come back tomorrow there will be a sneak peek... But for the meantime here's a hint - it involves pearle cotton. Lots and lots of luscious pearle cotton. Any guesses???

Also, the Cake Topper patterns are ready to go and I will have more to share on that pattern this weekend. I'm going to go add on another layer and throw a blanket in the dryer for a bit to warm up... I'm soooo not ready for winter and I really live in the wrong place... But that's why I quilt!!!

Be back tomorrow with a glimpse of the new patterns!!! I can't wait to show you more!

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