Amongst the trees...

So if you saw the last post you saw a smidgen about my trek to the park... It was so lovely and unexpected.

I remember this park being pretty, but not this pretty.
 It was the perfect spot (besides a bit too much sun for pictures, but we haven't seen sun around here in a month it seems, so I wasn't going to complain), the leaves were just changing, the air was warm, and the views...
 I knew when I made this quilt I would want to take some pictures outside when the leaves changed... Well, Mother Nature decided to hit Ohio with rain, rain, fog and more rain for weeks, so this was the first chance I had to get some outdoor pictures! I walked across the bridge here searching for a nice bench in the woods for a picture...
 Didn't find any that weren't surrounded by tons of mud, but I did spot this Blue Heron and managed to get a couple pictures while it fished and ate it's dinner. That was pretty neat if I do say so myself.
 This is the main view of the park once you get to the parking area. love Love LOVE! And do you see them? I almost missed them myself. (Look in the bottom right corner or below)
There was a gaggle of geese perched on an old stump in the pond all lined up. This picture isn't that great, but it was really cute. They just sat there and didn't make a peep the entire time.

I still have yet yo get to the beach this year just to sit and breathe... This work thing keeps getting in the way of my fun! And especially days like today when I got out of work about 2 hours later than I expected... Owell, nothing I can do about it now but chat with you all and work on the next pattern line (yes I said line) and watch Mr. Patrick Jane on the Mentalist tonight. It's kinda my Wednesday night thing...

I'll take some pictures of the next project(s) and post them later. I am just loving the way they're turning out and I can't wait to show you, but I have to get a bit more done first.

So, not much quilty stuff today, but don't you just love going to a park and forgetting all about everything else for a while? Even if it's only a few minutes? I'd love to hear about your favorite relax and unwind spot...Mine is soon to be my chair....But, until next time!


  1. Your quilt looks like it was made for that setting!

  2. Hi! Great pictures. But, I must say, you are good with the teasing too----pattern LINE! Can't wait to see. I'm sure I'm gonna want them. Sandy.


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