I'm back home from Amish Country and I have much to tell you, but first:

Welcome one, welcome all!!! From where? The Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber is where. I had the pleasure of being invited to introduce myself to the followers of the Jolly Jabber site. Check out my little blurb by clicking here.

Also, just a reminder the giveaway is still open til midnight of August 2nd. I can tell you there have been many great guesses - several of which I wasn't anticipating... And I can guarantee that as of a few minutes ago NOBODY has guessed the correct cake or fabric....

So, I'll give a few hints (and for those that have guessed already, you can guess again):
1. This cake is "healthy" because of the fruit in it...
2. There's an alternate cake that will count as well that's more of a dessert casserole than a cake... (two correct chances with this one, and neither one has been mentioned)
3. The fabric I'm working with, I've used before - think more style rather than fabric line...

Keep on guessing, I'm absolutely having a ball reading what you all have come up with! Some of you are quite inventive - I love the creativity!

I'll be back with updates from my trip after the giveaway's done, I can't wait to tell you all about it - the shopping, the food, and the people I met!

Keep guessing (over at the other post, not here - they won't count if they're on here) and if need be I will give more hints in a couple of days. Head on over to the giveaway here.

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  1. Hey!--Glad you made it safely back home! =) Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I have a wonderful time chatting with you this week. =) I hope we have the chance to do so again soon! And Congrats on the FQS interview--I was surprised to get home on Thursday and there you were on the Jolly Jabber--what fun!


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