Mystery Solved!

So, I've been sewing up a storm, almost finished one quilt top and I'm getting ready to start another. Boy, do I love progress!!! And I solved the mystery around the house, let me clue you in:

Okay, so do you remember back here when I first showed pictures of my resident squirrels and was wondering why the one was so big??? Well, this is the reason:
 Two very small adorable baby squirrels!!! I thought I saw something rustling in the squirrel hole, but didn't see anything for about a week or so and I just dismissed it. But today I saw it again and I now have photo proof!
 When I first noticed them and grabbed my camera Momma here must have signaled them because the little ones dove into the hole as fast as they could and she was flicking her tail until I left...
 So I snuck into my sewing room and took pictures in between my miniblinds (pardon the fuzzy lines) and you can just barely see a baby here.
 Well, Momma took off and left for a few hours so the little ones were soaking up as many rays of sun they could while it lasted.
This one is gonna be a daring little guy. He would try to stretch and climb knowing that both Mom and Dad can do it. He's definitely a determined toddler. A little wobbly and he'll be running and climbing before too long. So, I wasted some time I probably should have been sewing taking these pictures, but it was well worth it. You can almost see him here thinking "I can do this, now just how?"

So, I will be posting the Strata recipe later this evening, but for now I have to go quilt a bit more! Got any ideas for names for these little ones?

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