The sites...

So, and last but not least, the sites of Paris. There's several but I'll try to hit on the main sites we saw - I don't want to give it all away if you're planning on going for a visit yourself!!!

So we started our trip by hopping on a tour bus that took us to all sorts of places like:
 Like the Opera House...
 And then a stroll down Champ Elysses to the Arc de Triumph where we made a not so wise decision... tell you more in a bit.
 It's huge!!! It doesn't look that big from a distance, but the view from the top is amazing. Yep all the way at the top!
 Of course Eiffel Tower or Tour Eiffel as it's referred to in Paris
 Notre Dame. I'm still mesmerized by the stature and detail of this building alone...
 The Army Museum and the Tomb of Napoleon.
 The Louvre, the pictures at night are the best...
 The Orsay Museum...
Okay, now here's where the not-so-wise decision was made. I think it might be the hours of travel and lack of sleep, but being naive surely had some part in it. When we got to the Arc de Triumph we knew you could go all the way to the top. Sooooo, we got in line where there was a sign that read 'The only way to the top is up 284 steps".

284 steps. No biggie, right?! That's where the naive part was. We got in line to go up these 284 steps and about 3/4 of the way up I thought I was going to die! It's so narrow you really can't pass anyone and you have about 80 people behind you pushing the pace the whole way so it's basically impossible to stop. But I did it, I survived. The view was totally worth it, just look:
So I took some pictures, took a breather and made the 284 step trek back down to the bottom. The sad thing was there was an older man at the top with a walker in better condition than me! I didn't think I was that out of shape. So, in a 4 post nut shell, that was our trip.

Will I go back? Definitely. Will I try to learn more French for next time? Absolutely! Will we find that restaurant and bakery and eat there again? Undoubtedly! Well, this week I need to finish adjusting back to "normal" and get some things finished.

Hope to show you updates real soon of the latest projects, but slight jetlag has a way of slowing me down. I'll get some news to you as soon as I have it. Hope you enjoyed these and I'm sure you'll be seeing some Paris inspired works soon!

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