Vacation Part 2

So, how was everybody's festivities?! I have to tell you everything was even better than I could have anticipated for and it was nice to spend time with family.

So, Meg (the SIL living in Egypt) was home and brought her boyfriend and his Mom to meet the family. The crazy thing is not only do they both study Egyptology and live in Egypt, she met him there and their parents live a mere 5 hours apart on the other side of the planet. How weird, right?
Well, did I ever tell you how much I love this girl? For one, we did Christmas with her while she was home and I gave her Candy-Coated Dreams which was made just for her. And then she gave me the most beautiful Egyptian Cotton scarf, handmade earrings, and an awesome bag from a local Market in their neighborhood. And with all of the excitement, I forgot my camera! I know Meg took some pictures and I'm going to force her to take pictures of her and her quilt in Egypt and e-mail them to me so I can show them to you! And I will take pictures with my new scarf (it's very Ruby Blue!)

Alright, well my belly has been overflowing for a good week now and I hope yours is too. Well, actually now that I think about it, I was well stuffed before Thanksgiving ever came around. No matter what you've hear about food on cruise ships, it's true. It's so good, so rich, and you can't stop eating! The great thing is you can be a bit adventurous too and try new things in small doses.
 My saving grace was where our room was located. See those balconies all the way at the back of the ship? Ours was the last one all the way on the bottom left. Lots of walking, unfortunately I think I justified a bit too much over-indulgence with walking, but it was a vacation...
 I still cannot get over the sunrises and sunsets...
 Our next port was to be Half Moon Cay, but if you notice the seas in the sunset picture above, we didn't make it. Luckily for us we were able to detour into Freeport.
 Small town, beautiful hotels, lovely beach, another casino, and shopping!
 It would have been a great day to spend at the beach but it was really sunny, and hot, and my Hubbin and I would have looked like lobsters in 5 minutes flat...but it was nice. Then we were on our way.
 We went back under the bridge just as the sun was coming up.
 And saw a couple of dolphins... (YAY!!!)
And the colors continued on our way home, this was somewhere over Charlotte, NC and the end to a wonderful few days away from it all. But I do have to say, it's good to be home!

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  1. Wonderful pictures. So glad you had a wonderful time
    Kindest Regards Linda


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