Happy CarbFest 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
The Official start to CarbFest 2010 is here!

To update you besides the obvious reason for CarbFest 2010, my S-I-L moved to Egypt for a job about 6 months ago and they basically do not have any carbs besides flatbread in their diets there. Add in a little job stress, some homesickness and just a good craving for comfort food, and Thanksgiving with Meg has now turned into CarbFest 2010. Try and stuff her to the gills before she heads back.

I know we are planning on having the traditional turkey and ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and some other things. But knowing my M-I-L and how she loves to cook (and she's a really good cook) there will be macaroni and cheese (that's what Meg misses most) and who knows what other recipes.

Also, I wanted to update you on my vacation I snuck in amidst the holidays and other things. My Hubbin and I went to the Bahamas on a cruise and enjoyed as much of it as we could.

 The sunsets and sunrises were absolutely beautiful. There's something so serene about just watching the colors in the sky and watching the waves.
 Our  first port of call was Nassau, Bahamas, home of the Atlantis Resort. It was beautiful and I really would consider spending a vacation just here. We walked and walked and  walked and saw so much, but we only saw maybe 1/4 of the resort, if that.
 All of the aquariums they have are directly fed with ocean water and are open air, most of which you can view below ground in tunnels. Because the animals have their natural water and open air all of the time, there is a very low casualty rate at this particular aquarium - all 40 acres of it or so.
 And there was this bug guy, you can't really tell by the picture, but the span of his "wings" was about 7'-8' wide and there was another one in the same area that was even bigger. Makes you feel small in an instant...
 It really was one of the most gorgeous resorts that I had ever seen...
 Oh, and did I mention it also houses the largest casino in the Bahamas? And the casino has 4 (count them 4) Chihuly pieces?! I love Love LOVE Chihuly. I did papers on him in school, I've studied his work for years, and I actually got to see 4 of them!!!! Here's #1, the Medusa like forms....
 Another large piece with these flatter designs that are known as seaforms... Chihuly #2
 This was the only one that the true colors wouldn't come out right on my camera...Chihuly #3 was gorgeous silvers and pale golds (this was my favorite)
 And Chihuly #4 greets all of the travelers as they enter the casino from the High End shopping mall.
 And yes, you can touch this one!!!
 Remember that Beautiful Christmas tree I was talking about? Here it is! How picturesque it is surrounded by palm trees and gigantic yachts. Wouldn't this make for an interesting Christmas Card? I honestly forgot how close we were to Thanksgiving when I saw this tree.
So that was a small glimpse into part#1 of our vacation. I will show you more later as I took way too many pictures, but I love them all.

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday with you friends and families! And for those that work retail and have to work either today or tomorrow... remember to breathe, it's only one day, and it'll be over before you know it. I've worked my fair share in retail and I sympathize with you and the task at hand.

Until next time enjoy and quilt!

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