It's still dark outside...

This past week has been unbelievable! I have gotten a ton of things done - sorry still no pictures yet - and been running and running and running which I consider a true feat. The days here are getting ever shorter and when I wake up - it's dark now. Just after I get home - it's dark out. It's hard somedays to get motivated and out of bed when it's still dark out when a few weeks ago it was light when I got up. My body is still confused - it keeps telling me it's still dark, go back to bed. However the alarm clock does not lie and then we have issues.

Aside from all that babble, I have started yet another maybe 3 projects this week. I have enough scraps left over from this quilt (remember this one - it still needs a border):
And am planning on making flannel versions of these:
It is that time of year again. It's supposed to be really chilly this weekend and I was able to get out of summer storage my fleece pants that I just love. There are a few upsides to this whole cold weather stuff...

Alright, I'm planning another cooking tutorial soon, just as soon as I get a big bag of fresh apples (any guesses?) And I will be working on more results this week so I have things to show you. Off to make Hubbin a hearty breakfast!

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