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Well, I have been working hard on many many projects. Too many it's starting to get out of control, but I'm sure that never happens with anyone else...But all joking aside I am getting closer to showing you all what I have been up to. It's so hard to keep it all a secret sometimes! I do have one thing I can show you. I recently discovered wide batik backings and I have to say my experience with them so far is divine. This is one I have been using in a project and I can't get over how beautiful it is. Very vibrant and exciting!

One night this week I was working on the computer and Duncan usually feels the need to be in my lap whether I want him there or not. The alternative to that plan is he might lay down on a chair next to me. I was working away and I heard him fuss a bit, jump and then do his little relaxing growl. I looked over to see this:
I still don't know how he managed to jump on the chair as it was tucked in to the table without hitting something or getting stuck! Crazy dog - but I love him to pieces.

Other than that, yesterday I participated in my first ever Happy Hallo-Luau Party. My neighbors love Halloween but will be gone during the holiday and this was the only other weekend to hold their annual party. They considered it to be a celebration of the end of Summer (luau) and the beginning of Fall (Halloween) - hence Happy Hallo-Luau! It really was nice and interesting and I stayed out waaaaayyyyyy too late last night and am paying for it now, but it was fun! After getting some other things done this morning and doing some impromptu yard work that I feel so much better now that it's done, I'm off to sew some more. That is if I can keep my eyes open! Have way too many other things that need to get done and not enough hours in the day to do them. (Anyone else feel like this?) Well, until next time!


  1. duncan is so cute. i had a great time working on your charmed living topper this weekend.


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