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I'm blogging now because they're calling for the worst storm system to head our way tonight in 30+ years complete with high winds and rain and thunder and 80 degree temperatures - yes 80 degrees in Ohio in late October. I know crazy right?! But alas, since the bad weather is heading this way and I have to get some sewing done, I'm blogging now so I can get some quilting done this morning while we still have power...

This weekend with the leaves changing and beginning to fall around the house, the little squirrels are just having a field day (no pun intended) gathering all that they can before winter hits. Meanwhile Duncan (who is feeling much better by the way) was tormented by the little fuzzbusters because he was stuck inside left only to look out the window at them. I went into the kitchen to grab something and looked over to see this:
Crazy dog I swear. He always does something to amaze me. You'd think after 8 years I'd have seen everything he's willing to attempt, but no. He cracks me up and that's why I love him.
I made some homemade Christmas presents this weekend, but I can only show you one (have too many relatives that read this too so I don't want to give away the surprise just yet). I made this stocking for my nephew who just joined Tiger Cub Scouts. He's so excited about it and his Dad was a Boy Scout and the two of them are ready to go combat the outdoors. Complete with his initial, I hope Shawn will love it. Now just to find the perfect "thing" to stuff it with.

I think it's about time for another tutorial or two. Stay tuned for another recipe (yet to be determined) and a tutorial on the importance of squaring up (or true-ing up) Half Square Triangles and other angle pieced blocks. I will not be going to Market this year (boo) but I do get to spend another week in paradise with Hubbin instead so it's a good trade off. I will be here working away as long as the power holds out and hopefully I will have more to show you very soon!
Just one more crazy thing, has anyone else had a shower loofa explode on them? I was in the shower over the weekend and the knot holding it all together came undone and it completely unraveled all over. It was almost like those old gag gifts with the can that shoots out the "snakes". It was one of those moments that you think - this can only happen to me. And then you laugh. Alright, off to sew, toodles!

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