Happy Giddy Bliss

Alright, this is going to be short and sweet. For starters Bliss has arrived at Cottonpickers and I love it all so, I want to bring more home with me! So my lovely friend Gayle was equally ecstatic that it finally came in that she coined the new phrase "Happy Giddy Bliss". Needless to say she was feeling Happy Giddy Bliss and wasn't leaving until she had some Happy Giddy Bliss in her hot little hands. She makes me giggle and I just love her to pieces.

Duncan with the crazy scraggly hair was just getting out of control and before the cool weather really came to Madison, we got him his annual Fall buzz cut and doesn't he look just so adorable?!

The longer his hair gets, the darker it is. His undercoat is really a tan and blackish grey brindle that I think looks handsome on him and is only noticeable for a short time after his buzz cut.

And I couldn't help but attempt to get a picture of Paco in his little nest on the couch. He is such a wiggle worm though, this was the best picture I could get. And with his big ol' buggy eyes I can't hardly get a picture without the horrible red eye thing. Love this little guy too. He's turning white in spots and my Hubbin and I now jokingly call him our little silver haired fox.

I'm still working on the monster quilt, it's coming along nicely, but in the mean time he is a snippet into what I was working on last week. I love batiks and this one has been a ton of fun to work with. Also, it's the first time I had used a wide batik backing on a quilt and it's so perfect to go with the top, it's almost like they were meant to go together.

They're calling for lots of wind and storms tomorrow, I'm praying the power does not go out, I've got way too much to get done. Wish me luck and I'll keep you updated!

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