Covered in Threads

It's one of those things. Somedays I love being covered in threads, it's a sign of progress I think. There are even days everything and everyone in my house has an attachment or two whether they want it to be there or not. But there are days like when you're wearing a gorgeous comfortable black sweater that a thread just stands out and looks slightly out of place.

Today is one of the good thread days. I am glad to tell you much progress has been made since we've been back from vacation. I have quilted two tablerunners (pattern is next in line to debut), finished a quilt top, and cut out another project to be started soon. I did clean the house this morning, I sometimes wonder why I do it first thing in the morning knowing that I will have a sewing blitz later on and you won't be able to tell the floor was clean a few hours earlier, but I digress.

Vacation was so lovely and I had such a nice time. My hubbin and I went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean out of Miami. We stopped at Cozumel and explored Caverns and had a buffet at one of the most beautiful and luxurious beaches I have ever been to. Then we went to Grand Cayman and shopped the day away in the downtown area followed up by my still favorite port of call, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. In Jamaica we took an excursion to all sorts of hidden treasures. Our jeep took us through the actual factual Fern Gully (here I thought it was just a movie about fairies, but there is a real Fern Gully and I saw it!), we went to a house over 1,700 feet above sea level that was built in the 1700's and is still as beautiful today as it was back then. We also went to High Mountain Coffee Plantation, Dunns River Falls, and some other places I'm not sure what they were called besides breath-taking. It was magical and definitely an experience I was glad to have been able to enjoy.

Here's just a few pictures from vacation, I took a ton and hope to get some of them framed to hang around the house soon.

And finally what you all have been waiting for. Skip to My Lou is the latest pattern released for Ruby Blue Quilting Studio. It just got sent to the printers this morning and should be in stores within the next couple of weeks. Here's a small glimpse at the design, I hope you like it. As usual, more pictures to come once it hits the store shelves.

It's still fairly early in the day and I dont want to jinx it, but I think I'm getting more accomplished than I planned for which means, more threads to come! Have a great day and I'll update you more soon on the happenings here at the studio!

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