Do you ever feel so excited about something you've been looking forward to for a long time that the closer it comes it feels to good to be true and then you stress over the small stuff and drive yourself insane in the process? I say this because my hubbin and I are this close to our first official vacation in the six and a half years we've been married and I'm so excited about it I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. The only thing is the grown up in me is slowly taking over thinking about all of the things that I want/need to get done before we go as well as stressing over all sorts of small things. I think what I'm saying is I really need to learn to relax and a week in utter paradise should do the trick.

Well, I hope you all could make it to the Lake Farmpark Quilts 2010 show. Here's a couple pictures of From Grammy With Love hanging at the show. My hubbin, momma and nana went with me to the opening. Mom had a quilt in the show as well and it was a fun night seeing all of the quilts and our friends.

Last weekend Mom and I took a class from Marti Michell herself! It was a blast. We learned her Sunburst technique using her pretty darn awesome templates that you can actually rotary cut around. Not only that but there's no 'dog ears' so the pieces line up perfectly every time. She's incredible. I don't know exactly how she figured it all out, but I'm definitely thinking about trying some of her other templates.

What else is going on in the world of Ruby Blue? Oh, that's right breathing. Why I say that, I am a little stressed over vacation ( I find it very ironic since vacation is supposed to be relaxing, haha ) so what better to do than finish up a quilt project to some extent. Why not relax and enjoy my time and slowly ease into my vacation. I couldn't stand to leave before finishing this quilt top and you know what, I'm enjoying it so much.

Here's the other thing. A few months ago I sprained my foot and my ankle both while exercising with my Wii. I know, another Wii injury. Well, since I have torn muscles in my foot and have to keep it elevated much longer than usually thought. It's not the most comfortable to try and elevate it and sew so I have been working on other hand projects for now. I got my sewing machine fixed, feel much better and finally got back into sewing. I just finished all of the blocks and laid them out on the floor and should be putting the top together tomorrow! I love it and am now thinking of how to quilt it and the top's not even done yet! Crazy, but that's how it goes some days!

The next pattern named Skip To My Lou should be getting printed shortly and then who knows what's next in store. I can tell you this much - I have way too many quilt tops done that need quilted so I know how I'm going to be spending a bunch of my time here shortly. Once the pattern heads off to the printers I will show you a little peek as usual. It'll be perfect timing for spring and all the beautiful flowers we should be seeing soon. I might be jumping the gun a little, I mean it is still March and all but a girl can dream! I'm ready for warmer weather and sun. Lots and lots of sun!

I should go work on finishing that top and maybe tie up a few other loose ends in the process so until next time....


  1. With being married for over 6 years and not having a vacation....just the two of us....this one is not only long overdue...but WELL DESERVED dear. I know we're gonna have a great time. XO Luv ya!


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