I was trying to think of how I was going to post my first blog and where I should start. After a short while of thinking on the subject, it came to me, why not introduce myself. That's where most people start a conversation, right? (I'm a little slow on the uptake some days!)

Here goes, my name is Rebecca Silbaugh. I have been quilting for the better part of a decade now and have really fallen in love with designing recently. I grew up in a small town and took as many classes as I could in school on several subjects, my favorites of which happen to be art and math. Weird combination I know, but it's really starting to work out for me. I love to design quilts, make up combinations and try new techniques that challenge the brain, but still leave enough sanity to function. It makes my brain work and play at the same time, and I can not even begin to tell you how invigorating it is.

My patterns will be out in the near future, I'll post pictures soon once I get them ready for you. My designs tend to be a smidge traditional with a little flair or complexity to them. My goal as a designer is not only to create and design quilt patterns, but to inspire, motivate, and share a passion of quilting with many other people like myself.

Why Ruby Blue you ask? My answer is why not? I love the sound of it and the way it doesn't work but it does. (Hopefully other people out there are on the same brainwave as me and understand that) But in all seriousness, it's just my favorite. I'll elaborate more later, I promise.

Most days you can find me at Cottonpickers Quilt Shop in Madison, either working or just hanging out and "playing" or sewing up a storm. Check our blog for the quilt shop
here. We're constantly getting in new fabrics and dreaming up several projects I don't even have time to think about, but in the end what does make it to my sewing room will show up here eventually and in your local quilt shops.

Well, off to handquilt some more and get another project in the finished pile. Let me know what you're working on, introduce yourself and quilt with me in the future.



  1. I love the name Ruby Blue Quilting!!!
    It makes me think of times when life was simple, easy going, and uncomplicated. Back to the time when "issues" pertained to magazine subscriptions and not to people! Keep up the wonderful work and enjoy life, quilting, and good times!

  2. Just purchased your new book. However, am having difficulty with making the star block in "Aura" on Page 12. I note you say "do not trim away the excess fabric". I did as you said and squared up the star block by using a 2 1/2" square ruler as opposed to using a ready made block(afraid of triming off edges). However, there seems as though there is a lot ot excess fabric in these star blocks. Could it be a mistake by not triming off the excess AFTER block is squared? Ethel


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