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Okay, it's been a whirlwind of a week and I'm trying to make sure I get it all in and remember to tell you all about it. First off the 1st pattern of mine is currently at the printers and hopefully will be ready next week. I'll try to show you a sneek peek as soon as I can. Just want to keep you in suspense. Well, if you've been to Cottonpickers, you've seen it already in the raw, but if you haven't, a glimpse of it will be up soon. I can't wait, the suspense is killing me!

My husband and I just moved a few months ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE our new house. It's absolutely gorgeous and perfect and to top it all off, I finally have my own sewing room. It's still a work in progress, but it's coming along nicely. And being in the spirit of a new house and a new business and a new season of all, I'm so having a Suzie Homemaker mood. My hubbin thinks I have lost my mind, but I have to tell you I made an awesome batch of homemade applesauce and a slighty runny but still yummy apple pie. I would take a picture, but it's seeming to disappear everytime someone walks into the kitchen. I think this house might have a kitchen elf or something....hehehehe. But in all seriousness one of my favorite things about the house isn't even in or near the house at all. It's down the street and around the corner at the local park - the view and the inspiration I get just makes my day, make that my week. Here's why:

It was a little chilly today, considering we've had lower than normal temperatures lately and it's been around the mid 40's and rainy for what feels like forever, but I digress. When I took these photos a couple weeks ago it was warmer initially, but it was so windy there were huge waves in the lake and I felt frozen in a matter of minutes. It was still gorgeous, even if you don't stay long, just to see the water and forget everything else for awhile it still worth it. But today was magical, it was warmer, not so breezy, and most importantly, the sun was out!

It has been so chilly that I finally broke out the slippers this week. I love them, my mom has gotten me the best slippers just about every year for Christmas, and these were just one of the pairs I received last year. They're fuzzy and pink and sparkly, I just wear them to death when this time of year rolls around. The others were little dogs, which really freaked out Duncan, my Cairn Terrier in the picture here. He wouldn't leave them alone even while walking around and I didn't feel the need to trip and fall over the dog.

Well, I have been quilting and binding like crazy and I hope to show you more soon. I'll be at Cottonpickers all week and I might see you there. As soon as I get the patterns back from the printers, you'll be the first to know. I promise! Well, and once I get more to tell you, I'll be back, but I have to go now. Thanks for chatting and I'll see you soon!

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  1. Shawn calls this "Aunt Becky's Park". We had a great time over the summer playing on the swings/slide/merrygoround. The walk down to the beach is rather steep, but we LOVED the ice cream afterwards! A great place to contemplate and search inward. Can't wait to see the new quilt pattern!! xoxo


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