Ummm (and a giveaway)

Hello! I'm still here, I just haven't had much time to post on the blog since Maura is now tall and mobile and yeah... The toddler years are upon us. I thought I could quilt for little bits here and there and keep Maura entertained and out of trouble with all of the toys that light up and make noise in my studio. I *thought* (like a naive first-time mom) that since I could hear her I didn't need to keep an eye on her like a hawk. I WAS WRONG.

One day I was quilting along trying to finish a section after she woke up from her nap and I turn around to see this:

And then I had a mini heart attack. And it's only gotten worse since. Maura is now 13 months old and is half my height. No joke. So not only is she young and inquisitive, she can get into so much more because shes so tall. She didn't get her height from me!

But alas, I'm still quilting away like a mad woman (during naps and bedtime) and you can see everything I'm working on (or everything I'm allowed to show) on my Facebook page (Ruby Blue Quilting Studio) and Instagram (@rubybluequilts). It's so much easier for me to post quick little tidbits over there than blog posts here. So for the meantime that will be where you can see the most updates.

I'm still adjusting my quilting schedule (on a separate page you can get to here) and you can check back often to see progress. It's not up-to-the-minute updates, but you get the idea.

And finally, the giveaway. Martingale wanted to celebrate the release of The Big Book of Strip Quilts and you can hop over to their blog here to enter to win an ebook.

There are 60 (yes that's six-zero) quilts in this book that all use 2.5" strips. So it's time to bust out those jelly rolls you've been hoarding, maybe use up those leftover strips you have in your stash, or just cut your own out of those lovely piles of fabrics staring at you all day long. There are so many amazing quilts in this ginormous book from a variety of your favorite authors, there's something in here for everyone. I am so lucky to have three quilts in this book, one is Roll of Stamps pictured above.

And like it was meant to be, my very own copy arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Like magic! So head on over to Martingale's blog and enter for a chance to win! You have through the 25th to enter!

So that's what's going on here. Don't be a stranger on the other social media platforms, and if you need anything you can always shoot me an email too.

Yes I'm here. Yes I'm still quilting. And yes I spend my days chasing a crazy toddler. Life is good :)

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