Machine Quilting: Rhonda's Stars

There are a few quilts (or a few dozen) that I have on my quilting bucket list. With a little miss that's deathly afraid of the sound of my domestic sewing machine, not a lot of sewing is going to happen here in the near future, nor do I have the time, energy, or fabric to create everything I want. So when someone brings me a quilt on my bucket list, I get super giddy and live vicariously through that quilt for the short time I have it in my possession. I mean, I treat all of your quilts as if they were my own, but I few I'm a little more excited to play with than others.
 I LOVE this wonky star quilt and it was made in just the fabrics I would probably choose to make it in too! I love the mixture of textures, the strips and plaids and prints... And Rhonda brought it right to my door to quilt.
 I outlined each of the stars and filled the background with these fun swirls. With all of the star points and geometrics, the background needed to be a little softer to make the stars pop even more.
 Within the stars, just a simple outline did the trick. The difference between the openness of the quilting in the stars contrasting with the denser background just makes those stars pop! I would have loved to see this quilt finished and washed... I can imagine the amazing crinkliness!!!
 Just beautiful. But I quilted, and then it went on it's merry way and another quilt got shifted on my bucket list. I'm hoping Maura gets over her fear of my sewing machine quick because winter is about to hit here and I would love to hibernate inside and sew sew sew!
And like this quilt couldn't get any better, the view of the back about took my breath away! It's so pretty! Again, I would have LOVED to see this quilt after it was washed. It could only get more amazing I'm sure!

Thanks, Rhonda. I didn't want to give it back!!!


  1. A really beautiful quilt, what an eye-catcher if it were hung!

  2. I love what you did with that wonky stars quilt. Great se of simple yet very eye catching as Ali said. Wish it were mine! lol

  3. Beautiful quilt, both the piecing and machine quilting! Do you know where the pattern comes from? I would like to make patriotic quilts for Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors Camp Good Grief taking place Memorial Day Weekend 2017 in Washington DC. (I live about 20 miles away) About 450 children attend. Ladies make plenty of blankets and quilts for the younger kids, but the teenagers are often overlooked, so my mission is to make the larger quilts. Thanks so much!

    1. I can't be sure, but I think this may be a Buggy Barn pattern, you can follow the link below and it may be the pattern on the right. I hope that helps!

  4. Thanks, Jen: I will take a look at their patterns! Enjoy your time with Maura. They do grow up so fast. When my kids were growing up, I wished I had more time for quilting. Now they have grown and moved out west (I still live in the Washington DC area) and I am retired and can quilt all day. But I miss them very much, can only see them a few times a year.


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