Machine Quilting: Karen's Birds

I will start this post by saying I'm sorry I didn't take better pictures. This was right after we moved, I was still getting used to the new quilting space and I had a newborn. I'm shocked I could speak in full sentences let alone remember to take pictures of the quilts when I finished them. That being said, here's the best picture I got:
 It was a large beautiful quilt... I promise. There were all sorts of embroidered designs of birds and leaves in each of the blocks.
 You can see some of the embroidery here. We chose to leave the embroidery alone and use a teal thread for the quilt. Since the main colors were black, white and teal, teal was the least offensive thread over the whole quilt.
The center design were these fun curls that have become a new favorite of mine, then I did some ribbon candy in the black border and some modern bubbles along the edges.

Thank you, Karen! This quilt was beautiful and fun to work on!

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