Pink Paper Pieced

Well, I guess there are other colors in this quilt too, but I couldn't think of a better name for it. Today all of my creativity is going into quilting and trying to get Maura to take a nap (and I'm not doing so great on the latter of the two) rather than writing.
 Cathy sent me this quilt and she just wanted an all-over design to soften the harsh-ish lines of the quilt design. The X pattern is pretty bold visually and the quilting needed to work well with the quilt, yet make it look less bold once quilted.
We chose these fun swirls. This is definitely one of those quilts where the pictures just don't do the quilt justice. Once it was quilted, this took on a cottage-y vibe that was just perfect.

Thank you, Cathy! Check back for more quilting pictures soon!


  1. I am a new longarm quilter. Is the quilt design a panto? I'm doing edge to edge on charity quilts and looking for different designs.


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