Machine Quilting: Fun Runners

Carlynn brought me a whole little box of projects to finish for her including these runners.
 All of the runners were the same pattern or idea, but not the same. Some were wider, some were longer, and all of them used different fabrics. This first runner, the pictures do not do it justice. It was made with these adorable tea cups and saucers on one fabric with tea spoons on another.
 I was given free reign with the designs and they all could be quilted the same or differently. It didn't matter. I tried to use a variety of quilting designs to emphasize the difference fabrics. I didn't want the quilting designs and the fabrics to compete visually, but it all had to work together. Also I tend to quilt runners heavily so there's less slipping when things are set on them, like a wine glass...
 I had so much fun with this border. And the rest of it, but I love being able to use this border design.

 This is the same pattern, just different fabrics. I almost flip-flopped the designs here but it all works.
I played up the star a bit more on this one since Carlynn did some extra fancy stitches around the edge. I think it all worked together.

Runners and small projects are fun for me to quilt because I can try new and different designs and play with some creativity without being burdened to a large project if I don't like how it's turning out. Granted I rarely don't like how things are turning out and if I do, I usually start over (it rarely happens though. I plan so much before I begin we try to avoid reverse stitching as much as possible). But I can usually try out something new and see at what level I'm going to fall in love with it. Most times a new design I test out becomes a new favorite and I try to work it into every project that is coming up in some way shape or form!

Thank you Carlynn! I love working on your quilts!

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