Nicole made this Swoon quilt (pattern by Thimbleblossoms) and I was surprised by the size of it when it arrived! For whatever reason, I thought it was much smaller - more like a lap size quilt. Well, it's not. It's big.
 Nicole asked that the quilting was kept simple on this one and she wanted something curvy but not a swirl because that's what she's normally drawn to. We had another idea at first (I honestly don't remember what it was) but then the more I stared at the quilt and thought about it a large clamshell seemed to be the perfect fit.
 The only deciding factor then was choosing what side would be the top of the quilt since the quilting is directional.
I think the quilting adds to the softness of this quilt but doesn't take away from the visual aspect at all. And who would want it to with big bright blocks like these? This is just a little reminder that sometimes simple is best. Somedays I think that's more of a reminder for myself than my clients :)

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