It's 2016?!

Since when? Well, I guess I am a little behind (which seems par for the course these days).

Howdy all! Holy crud it's been crazy over here. If heading into Christmas quilting season (usually my busiest time of year) and Christmas shopping and wrapping wasn't hard enough - adding that I was roughly 6 months pregnant at the same time and we decided like crazy people to list our house on the market... I have no idea what truly happened over the last 6 weeks or so. It is all a blur.

I'm still quilting away and taking in quilts at this moment. However, winter is finally starting to hit here and with the machine still being outside of my home, I'm airing on the side of caution when the weather is nasty and getting a head start on my nesting here at home. I have no clear answer for how long I will be able to quilt and how soon I can get your quilts back to you, but if you have a project without a deadline, ask me what my schedule looks like or go ahead and send it my way.

The hope is that in the near future Ben and I can sell our place and move into one that houses home, office, machine and everything else under one roof. That way once Little Miss arrives and we have our routine down hopefully (cross your fingers) I can get in my quilting time between naps and such.

Speaking of Little Miss, we just had our latest ultrasound (they are so cool) and I am in love! Not that I didn't think I would be, but the countdown is on until she arrives.

At 30.5 weeks she's weighing in at 3lbs 15oz and seems to be right on track. Granted she will arrive when she is good and ready to, but still looking to be mid-March at this point.

So you see why I may not be quilting much in the next couple months. And to be honest I don't know when I will start up again once she arrives. My first priority and focus will be my Little Miss and my own health getting back into the swing of things at an appropriate pace. Not that I don't love my job, but there are more important things that will need my attention.

I have yet to decide on and start a quilt for her, I should probably do that soon. Maybe I will get a chance this week as the weather looks quite ick here in the near future. I'm just having too much fun pondering the future and getting used to this wiggle worm in my belly! She is a mover and a shaker which has been making quilting difficult at times - she has actually pushed me away from the machine a time or two!

I still have plenty of catching up to do and quilts to share from the last 6 months or so to share and I hope to get to those soon, but I'm not promising anything. My energy level still seems to be at one extreme or the other - I either have tons of energy or I feel like a zombie, there's no in between. So, when I do have energy it's been spent cleaning and trying to sell this place, looking for a new house, quilting, or getting ready for Little Miss. There hasn't been much energy left to sit at the computer and come up with something witty to say. I hope you understand!

Well, that's the latest from my little corner of the world and I will update you all as I can (or as long as I have the energy too). Stay tuned and stay patient with me, this has been a learning experience like no other and I can't wait for the future! For now I think my goal is to try and get out of my pjs for the day :)


  1. Glad to hear you're still posting and taking care of priorities. Best of luck finding a new place. How fun to feel her being so active. Enjoy that - and the high energy and zombie times too. My youngest two children are 31 and 33 now but I remember stapling insulation in the crawl space of our home addition one day and having only the energy to lie on the couch and watch tv the next. I was so desperate I watched golf, and cried watching a replay of an ironman triatholon in Hawaii. (This was before reality tv but they hyped the emotional part.) I didn't cry at the golf.

  2. Getting dressed is definitely over rated!! PJs sound perfect, or maybe sweats :) You certainly have a lot going on in your life!! I remember moving when daughter #2 was 3 weeks old - not on my to-do list ever again (of course, those days are long gone)!! Hope you sell your house and move to the perfect place before Little Miss arrives...all you will be able to do is to direct others while you sit with your feet up!!! Keep those priorities straight - little blessing grow up so fast that you want to enjoy each day with them - you have less than 6,575 days after she arrives to when she turns 18!! Some days it will feel like that is an eternity, but looking back I wonder where all those days went!


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