Blue Pine Tree Ridge Quilt

And as promised, here is the second version of the Pine Tree Ridge quilt Bobette made. It's very similar to the green one I shared yesterday, and similar to the one Linda Hrcka did originally (check it out here), but with a little twist here or there to keep them both unique.
 So as you can see it's mainly the same feel, just more blue. I'm going to take a back seat today and let this quilt do the talking.

 I LOVE this angel block. The feathers were a bit tricky to figure out at first, but I'm so happy with how they turned out. Oh, and if I remember correctly there were about 6 different thread colors used on this quilt to blend in with the fabrics here and there.

 One block I really followed the cues from the fabric was the red with stars. It was so much fun and I think it turned out great!

 Once again I left the wool alone in spots and quilted it "just enough" in other areas to tack it down for functionality and give it a little personality. I really like quilting wool applique quilts although the thickness and weave of the wool can be a bit tricky to work around if it's layered up.

 This border was my favorite and my worst nightmare at the same time. Here's why:
 This was a super teeny tiny stripe and this was my angle while quilting. The more I quilted these feathers and put some curved stitching over the fabric, it made this optical illusion that was really messing with my eyes.
Here you can see the stripe better. This is a straight on view and the lines still give it a goofy look, but it's so pretty, I just needed to take a few more visual breaks than normal and get it done as quickly as possible.

I LOVED working on these quilts! It was a major challenge that had me a bit terrified at first, but I felt I grew as a quilter so much with new designs and fillers and trusting my instincts. This goes back to the post I had earlier this week about trusting your quilter and allowing them to get more creative if they have guidelines and an imagination. Bobette knew I couldn't do it exactly like Linda did, but trusted my quilting to have the same effect, but be personalized to her quilts. It really was a win-win for us both!


  1. They're both gorgeous! I love that you let the quilting surrounding the largest snowman face make it pop and didn't quilt on his face in the blue version. The areas of diagonal stripes are really fun too! Absolutely in love with the border feathers! Love, Love, Love!

  2. Love this quilt - piecing and quilting is fabulous!!! I did a straight-line spiral on a block with a dark green with a pinstripe of white - total optical illusion!!! This was on a curved-piecing block and that was the only piece of that fabric I had put in it. Hard to quilt because of that, but so cool when it is finished!

  3. the quilt is adorable and your quilting fantastic!


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