Pincushion Swap

I wanted to show you what I received in the last swap I participated in. It's soooo adorable and I love it so! 
I mean look at that craftsmanship!!! I feel bad for the person I sent a pincushion to, mine wasn't nearly this intricate. 

I make quilts mostly. They're straight lines to sew and they're flat. Easy peasy. I have done some 3D sewing like bags and pillows, but nothing too intricate and that needs to change. 

This little gem is living out with Memphis (my long arm) because I spend way more time out there as of late and I can see and appreciate this gift even more. 

I have one other swap I'm currently working on and I just signed up for another one this morning. If you have been looking at signing up but have been hesitant to do so, I urge you to try just one! 

I find it opens up my creativity and gets me to work on new ideas or with new fabrics. It's great to try a new technique without being overwhelmed by a larger project. 

It's been awhile since I joined a swap, but I realized how much I missed these little projects and the perfect little swap just showed up in my Instagram feed. I was hooked before I could resist. 

Are you participating in any swaps? If so, what has been your favorite?

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