What what what?!

That's what I was saying to myself during my little giveaway a couple weeks ago. Things have been a bit busy on the blog I hadn't had time to share this tidbit yet!

I woke up early in the morning (when Ben gets up for work) and I usually check some emails and watch some news until I fall back asleep... Well, I was searching through my emails and one of the comments on the giveaway said:

I just learned about your blog in a quilt magazine Fresh Quilts. I am so excited to find your blog! And bonus a giveaway!

Well, Lori... you changed the number one item on my to-do list for that day in an instant! No matter what, I had to get to the store... And when I did I found this:

I was trying to play it cool... But there was this large gentleman blocking all of the quilting magazines. I didn't want to be rude, but I really wanted him to get out of my way! Didn't he know I was a woman on a mission?! And then I spotted it and flipped through feverishly until I saw:

It took every ounce of my being not to scream in the middle of the store! I probably had a ridiculous grin on my face, but I didn't care. The gentleman had moved on so I grabbed some other favorites to read and I practically ran to the counter... But not ran ran... More like that goofy walk that kids do when you tell them not to run at the pool but they still try to get the same speed...

And that's when it happened...

I got busted. But in a good way. There was only one cashier and she was busy, so I stood there with this stupid grin on my face... Another guy working at the store comes up and asks me to come to another register (SCORE)...

He starts ringing me out and then asks if I have their rewards card to save whatever... I reply no...

Then he looks at me with a weird look on his face and asks, "Aren't you in here like every other week buying these magazines?"

I WAS BUSTED. I tried to brush it off and my reply was something less than cool with, "It has to be more like every other month, duh"

But I didn't care, I had my magazines including the magazine with my little mini in it that I had no clue about, so I ran to my car and posted on social media...

To which I got a reply from my Hubby's aunt... "Oh yeah, I saw that a few weeks ago. I was at the store sipping coffee and looking through magazines and saw your name..."

After my jaw hit the floor I demanded in not my nicest tone "And you didn't say anything?!" She thought I knew...

Such is the life of a quilter, I tell you. So there it is, my goofy story about my quilt in a magazine that I didn't know was there. This issue is still on newsstands, so run and pick yourself up a copy and I hope you got a good laugh at my tale!


  1. You are too cute

  2. Don't all contributing quilters know when they get an awesome shout out in a magazine???!!! How fun is that!!! Congratulations on the big nod - great advert for you!! Love your feathers :)

  3. I think you showed great self control! When one of my quilts hits the stands in a mag I tell everyone in the store, including the bag boy! I will open the magazine and show them the photo to prove it! I have been known to jump up and down and squeal (just a little) and it's perfectly okay...you go right ahead and celebrate...you deserve it!
    PS. I adore those feathers!


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