Einstein Fluff

So I just wanted to pop in and show you all this Einstein fluff Miss Rosie Roo has:
 Can you see it?! That little fluff patch between her ears?!
 This dog literally has every type of coat you can think of. Her ears are velveteen soft. Her back is coarse wiry curls. Her sides have super fine hair that you can only see when the light shines on it and it sticks straight out.
 But this little Einstein patch is unlike anything I've ever seen! It looks and feels like a cotton ball and I can't get enough!
Rosie is settling in just fine and we've made some huge improvements in the few weeks we've had her! I love this pup and I can't get enough!


  1. She looks adorable!!! Love all the different kinds of hair :) quite unique to her!! Enjoy your new family member!!!

  2. She looks so sweet there just letting you take lots of pictures and gush about her while she keeps on sleeping. I'd love to feel her different kinds of hair. I've never seen a puppy like that. What is the breed?

    1. Dar, she came from the Humane Society so it's anyone's guess... She was listed as a terrier mix, but with her build and the majority of her coat, we are guessing mostly Airedale Terrier... But who know? -Rebecca


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