And the winners are:

Wait, winners? As in plural? Yep, you read right. I picked two different winners for the quilting giveaway and here's why...

The winner of $100 in quilting is:

Congrats, Sarah!!! I will be e-mailing you shortly. Or, if you see this first, please send me an email at rubybluequilts (at) gmail (dot) com so we can discuss quilting options!!!

Now, that would be well enough on it's own, but I'm feeling a bit generous today. I loved all of the suggestions that were made for a name for my long arm! I had so much fun reading the names you chose and the reason why.

Many of you suggested Ruby or Blue or something along those lines. I completely understand why, but I can't. When I started this business I wanted to try and keep a business life and a home life and distinguish between the two. Granted my hobby is my business... But there are times where I just need to unplug and be me. When I'm in super crazy quilter mode, Ruby Blue (or just Ruby for short) has become almost an alter ego. Ben and I discuss her as such sometimes. She is a big part of me and I can't name my machine the same...

However, there was one name from the minute I read it that just pulled at my heart strings and resonated with me (and for completely un-quilty reasons). Do you all have your movies? You know the movies that no matter how many times you've watched them, if you're scrolling through the channels and see it's on, you stop right there and watch it for the gazillionth time? Well, this is one of those movies for me:

I am such a sucker for car movies! Especially muscle car movies. So when I read this comment, I had to give a little extra love:

So Patricia, you have a choice. You can either choose to reserve your very own signed copy of my new book, Seems Like Scrappy, and I will send one to you when it is released... Or you can choose any two patterns from my Shop and I will send those to you right away! I couldn't just choose the name Memphis without showing my appreciation. Send your response over to rubybluequilts (at) gmail (dot) com!

So, it worked out too perfectly. My long arm is now known as Memphis (as in Memphis Raines) and my little domestic is now Kip (as in Kip Raines, Memphis' little brother).

Thank you to everyone that participated and thank you for your input! I read each and every comment and I may just be switching up some things around here in the future. Nothing too crazy, but I think I'll go back and share just how I came up with some of the designs I've chosen for certain quilts, I have some tutorials I need to work up and share as well as some other new and exciting things!

Speaking of exciting things... I have some quilts to share from the local Lake Farmpark Quilt Show! I finally ventured out and got to see the show and it was wonderful (as usual). I'll be sharing photos soon, so check back here for quilty overload!

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