May, June or ???

I have some news to share. It's not grand news, it could be nothing, but I wanted to let you all know what's going on.
By now you may have heard about the strikes going on at the west coast ports in the US... Well, I figured they would effect fabric deliveries, food, retail items, basically anything that comes on a slow boat. Well, I just got word yesterday that these strikes could alter the release date of my book :( (Insert dramatic music here)

As of right now, the date may have to change to June, but it's a day to day thing at the moment waiting to see how the situation at the ports plays out. As I know more, you'll know more. Lets just hope for a speedy solution to this issue and move on.

Also, I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of the projects from Seems Like Scrappy so come back and visit me each Monday for the next few months to see each quilt from the book. I've already been working on some alternate colorways of some quilts too, so if I have one to share, I'll include it in each post.

I'm still super excited for this book to be released (whenever that may be) and I hope you are too! So the bad news is the book release may be delayed. But the good news is you'll begin to see previews starting Monday! I wonder which quilt I will share first???

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