Congrats, Judi!!!

Let me set the scene for you...

You make this amazing quilt and you love it. You enter that amazing quilt into your first quilt show and you come home with the big prize winning Best of Show...

Sounds like a dream, right?
Well, I think we all need to pinch Judi to wake her up from this dream, because that's exactly what happened!

She sent me this picture yesterday with the ribbon for the Glacier Star I quilted for her last summer. Her quilt was amazing and I had so much fun playing with it, I'm so honored she shared this special award with me!!!

To see more of Judi's gorgeous quilt, you can see the original post about her Glacier Star quilt here.

Thank you, Judi!!! Congrats don't seem like enough, it's with beautiful pieces like yours that let my creativity blossom!!! Congrats!!!

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