Woodland Sunset Part Two

In eager anticipation of Seems Like Scrappy coming out next May... I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the quilts from my first book, Seamingly Scrappy. This summer (or fall, I honestly can't remember) I quilted up a new version of Woodland Sunset.
 When I was picking out the fabric for the original quilt, I picked out Fat Quarters knowing that I only needed Fat Eighths... This way I could have two quilts! Score! I didn't get around to making this quilt as soon as I had expected (obviously) so the border fabrics weren't available for a duplicate quilt. No problem, I improvised and played in an alternate color story...
 I quilted this shortly after I finally tried ruler work on the long arm... I was hooked, I think it looks awesome!
 I continued the lines into the side setting pieces and then quilted the border to mimic the fabric.
 I really love how the quilting looks in the smaller blocks in the border.
 Hard to believe the same fabrics were used for both quilts, here's the original quilt below:
And just to prove it, I did this to show how much changing the border fabric can alter the look of a quilt. Pretty cool, huh? 
Once again, these quilts are from the pattern Woodland Sunset out of my first book, Seamingly Scrappy. Who knows, this quilt is so fun and simple to make, I may make another some day. Right now I keep thinking about Christmas quilts to make... This would be a fun winter quilt... In all of my spare time, right?

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  1. It is certainly beautiful! I love that pattern.


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