Clarence the Christmas Goose (free printable)

Now, some of may know, many may not, but I used to draw... A LOT. I took every art class offered at my school (which wasn't much, it's a small school) and I went to college for graphic design. Well, i still dabble from time to time with some sketches and a few years ago it dawned on me as we were pulling out Christmas decorations, that I didn't have a stocking... My hubby had 5...

Now, I have stockings at other houses where we do get togethers at the holidays, but I didn't have one at home and it was about time I changed that, so I came up with Clarence the Christmas Goose!

He's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself and I decided to put him on a stocking for myself... Well, there was one slight issue... Now that he's done and finished, that stocking is the smallest one by a long shot! Oh well, it's one of those things when you're in the heat of the design and it looks great on the computer...Then in real life it's dwarfed from the idea you had in mind...

Well, Clarence is actual sized in the printout below to the stocking I made. Feel free to increase or reduce his size to fit your needs. I also included the design for the berry branch on the cuff of the stocking.

For the design I only used black and red threads, black for the main areas (I did a backstitch, it's my go-to stitch) and where you see a little "o" I made a french knot with the red thread for the berries. Oh, I lied, there's a bit of green for the holly leaves! If you don't like french knots you can do whatever you'd like instead like add buttons or use another stitch.

I did not include the stocking in the printable as I said, it's just too small and to get it to a decent size, I'd have to break it up into four pages or so, so instead I'd recommend tracing a stocking you already own or free handing your own to get the size you prefer.

Alrighty, to get to the printable design, click here. Now, I've had some questions with the other printouts I've had in the past... When you click on the link. You can either click the printer at the top center of the page to print the design, or click the arrow to download it. It's that easy.

Well, I hope you like Clarence as much as I do and I'd love to see what you plan on making with his little sweet self on it! I have another pillow I made with a saying on it, but I have no clue where it is and it's still not stuffed... So if I find it, I'll show it some day.

Maybe some of you with the fast fingers will have your own Clarence in time for Christmas... I'll be lucky to get all of my presents wrapped in an orderly fashion at this point! Have a great weekend (or what's left of it) and I'll be back with more posts soon!

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