More Turkey Sightings

The turkeys have been running around the back yard when I usually get to the quilting machine just about everyday. Well, as I was working along last week, I turned around and there they were! Like within 30 feet of the house!
 This is the view out of my room and just on top of that retaining wall are the turkeys against the tree line.
 Not all of the group ventured up this far, but it's closer than they usually get.

I thought seeing the turkeys each day was all cool and fun, until they got this close and drove the dogs INSANE!!! They wouldn't stop barking for hours it seemed, it got old pretty quick at that point.
 It is still cool to see these birds I guess. Like I said before, their numbers used to dwindle and they're starting to get stronger in their numbers and we see them much more often.
 These few wandered around and then slowly headed up the hill and disappeared into the woods.

 I have always admired these birds. Not because they are pretty, oh my, they are pretty ugly if you ask me! But, if you get to spend time watching them and their antics, they can be really smart. They have great hearing and I've seen where they're cleared an area of snow to sleep at night. That is if they don't sleep in the trees.

They sleep in the trees to protect themselves from predators, but if you've ever seen a turkey try to "fly" (and I use that word very loosely) it's a hysterical sight. They are very clumsy when it comes to air travel.
Well, I think that's the last of the turkey pictures I'll share. It's not everyday you can snap pictures of them like this, so I just wanted to share. I have some new quilts to share and hopefully the Plus Quilt Tutorial by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

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  1. Love the turkeys!! I have never been so lucky to see them fly...I can only wish!


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