Machine Quilting: Tree of Life

As promised, here's the big sister to the quilt I showed you yesterday:
 Anne was on a roll and made this larger Tree of Life quilt to switch out with her Jinny Beyer quilt that hangs in her living room. As in true Anne style, it's colorful and full of pink. I quilted this one similarly to the smaller version she made, but there are a few subtle differences between the two quilts, so I made a few adjustments.
 I quilted the leaves and most of the borders and backgrounds the same-ish. Since the pieces were bigger, I had to fill it in a bit in the leaves. Plus I did straight lines in the trunk of this tree since it was so large...
 I changed up the one border and mimicked the design I did in the center leaves so it all tied together.
As before, you can see all of the different areas on the back of the quilt and that makes me happy. This quilt was so much fun and I think I like the colors in it the most. It's such a bright and fun quilt, you can't help but smile after seeing it.

Thanks again, Anne! You did an amazing job as always which makes my job that much more fun!

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