Reverse Tutorial: Matching Designs

I hope you all are enjoying the Celebrate Christmas Blog Hop! You still have time to enter for a chance to win an eBook copy of Celebrate Christmas with That Patchwork Place, just click here and tell me your favorite holiday tradition to be entered. It has been so much fun to read everyone's traditions and reminisce.

Today I actually need your help. As much quilting as I have done, I haven't done it all and I know when to pause and ask for help before screwing it up (most of the time anyways). Well, I thought if I asked for your help and we had an open discussion, that maybe some of you could share your tips and tricks and it could benefit several people and not just me.

So here's my question:

I need to sew a backing together matching the design between the two pieces. Do you have any tips or tricks to get me a nice result with as little headache as possible? 

I normally don't worry about it and just sew the pieces together, but this particular fabric has a dimensional print that's also directional and if I don't match the seams it would look horrid. Just terrible.

So please feel free to comment below if you have any ideas that may help or share experiences you've had in the past. What worked for you? What didn't work? We want to know! I look forward to the discussion.

Thanks in advance!


  1. I have done this, both on quilts and in clothing. What I've done is match up some element in the design and put a pin through that exact place on both pieces of fabric. Then I open up the fabrics to double check the placement before I stitch. Fussy, but you'll never be satisfied if you don't match them, will you?!?

  2. Find the common repeat on both pieces of fabric. I generally draw a line down the center of the repeat (or your chosen spot where your seam will be) then draw a line 1/4" to the OUTSIDE of that line (your seam allowance). Sew on the 1/4" line. Press seam open. Check for accuracy. Well, it probably won't be "perfect" but it will be close. If your satisfied, cut excess fabric. Easy-peezy! Good luck


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