A Shift of Plans

I have more quilts to show you and a ton of sewing to be doing, but that's all been derailed this week by this little guy:
My poor pup went to have a risky surgery due to previous health concerns to clean his teeth and remove some tumors, but they couldn't do the surgery because he's now diabetic! So after a night and day at the vets to flush his system, iv fluids, and a glucose curve test, he now looks like this:
They shaved parts of both front legs and it's the goofiest thing I've seen. I tell him now he's my poodle wannabe. So once the diabetes was discovered, we've had to go back to monitor his progress because his levels were so high... Today when we go will be my 6th time to the vet this week. No joke. I swear I could pay for a wing at the vets by now!!!

But alas my baby is doing better, he's a stubborn little cuss so going from his own schedule to eating every 12 hours and getting a shot has been difficult at best. So if I don't post anything quilty in the near future, I'm probably sitting at the vets office :/ Or trying to get my dog to eat. 

More quilt posts will return, I swear! 


  1. Hope your baby feels better soon!

  2. So sorry, What a cutie. My little miniature pinscher also has a fatty tumor, biopsied. He is 13 years old and also just diagnosed with diabetes. He is such a chow hound that he will tolerate his insulin shot if there is food in front of him. Eating twice daily too and a special $$$$ diabetic foot. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com


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