Machine Quilting: Traditional Red & White

Now, if I am to choose only two colors for a quilt it will almost always be red and either tan or white-ish. Amy brought me this quilt and instantly I fell in love. She normally hand quilts all of her quilts, but this one was on a deadline and she didn't have it in her to finish it in time.
 Keeping that in mind, I kept my quilting very traditional so it still had the hand quilting vibe.
 Simple line dancing in the patches and feathered wreaths in the open areas kept the traditional flair we were looking for.
 I love filling odd areas with feathers like these. Sometimes the perfectly round areas seem too "perfect" and lack character... But that may be just me.
 With the few borders, I kept the line dancing going through the red center and used that like a vein for the feathers. The feathers on either side mimicked the wreaths and helped to soften the edges.
Now, thanks to Amy I need to make one of these quilts too. This could be an awesome stash buster. I'm thinking smaller pieces... Or maybe not... We shall see :)
Ask any quilter and busy backs are best, but I almost wish this one was a little less busy to show the quilting more :( But anywho, the quilt turned out great and I hear that Amy might be making another quilt like this in the future for me to play with :) I can't wait! Thanks, Amy!

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  1. Lovely quilt and the quilting is perfect to mimic hand quilting! This looks like a lovely quilt - what size are her little squares? I'm rather enjoying the wholecloth look to a solid backing on some of my most recent quilts from customers!


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