Machine Quilting: Field Day

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Now that is taken care of, let get back to the quilt feature of the day!
 Granted it is sideways, but Kathy made this version of Field Day from my book, Seamingly Scrappy! I knew she made this pattern before I quilted it, we talked about it. I was in such a brain mush state when I was working on quilting it, I completely forgot all that we had talked about and AFTER I finished quilting it I looked at it from a distance and was like, "It's Field Day!"
I absolutely LOVE her color choices and that striped border (I'm a sucker for stripes and plaids on the bias!). This quilt was so fun and bright and to keep it simple and playful it was quilted with all-over pointed swirls. This is one of my favorite designs to quilt because it is so versatile and it really softens the look of some quilts.

Thanks, Kathy! You did an amazing job and I love the results!

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