I'm here (but I'm not)

First off, thank you so much for the kind words and emails checking up on my health. I'm feeling better, not grand, but better. Hence the lack of blogging. 

By the time I'm done catching up on quilting and a little work on my new manuscript, I sit down and I'm done. I can't tell you how many times I brought my camera home and didn't have the energy to download the pictures. 

To recap, what is going on is a flare-up of my costochondritis. It's an auto-immune type thing where the cartilage that connects my ribs to my sternum gets inflamed and it's very painful. It hurts to move, to breathe, and when it gets really bad I can feel like I'm having a heart attack. Normally aspirin and simple anti-inflammatory pills would knock it out (or atleast help) but lucky me, I'm allergic to most of them. 

Anywho I'm on the mend and as long as I can keep my spring allergies under control (the sneezing and blowing my nose really strains my ribs) I should continue to get back to "normal".

I will be posting some random stuff here and there, but for now, this is where you can find Paco and I:


  1. Paco is adorable! My little girl looks quite like him :) I am so glad you are finally on the mend and hope that your next flare up is 50 years away!!! Praying for your continued recovery.

  2. Becky, just checking back here... especially since you had not posted. Glad to know that you are on the way to "better"!


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