Stealthy Pups

I'm gonna try this again. I already wrote this post and hit the button to publish it when an error popped up and erased THE WHOLE THING! Ugh!

Alrighty then, back to the pups:
So this is Duncan, the Momma's boy. He is supposedly a sick dog due to liver enzymes in a blood test, but trust me he still acts like he's 3 rather than almost 12. Now with this stinker, we tried every trick we could think of to give him medicines to help his blood numbers. I was almost out of ideas and then on a whim we mixed in some wet food with his normal dry stuff and just threw the pills in and he was begging for more. Since then he's no longer on medicine, but we still give him the mixed food and he LOVES it. 

Paco on the other hand runs by his own schedule and will eat when he's good and ready, not a minute prior. Because of this, we have to keep an eye on Duncan so he doesn't help himself to his brother's food too. Last week one morning I couldn't find him and then I saw this:
Notice his little white mustache in the shadows? I almost missed it! He's a sneaky pup and that's why he's a stealth expert in my book. 

Then there's Paco. He's older than Duncan (almost 14) but we didn't get him until he was 6 or so. Until then he lived with cats and we are pretty convinced he thought he was a cat. We had to teach him to growl and bark and play with toys, but now he's mostly dog aside from the nest he lives in for about 20 hours a day. 
I just LOVE this picture of him in his nest! Well, Paco tries to be as clever and sly as his brother, but his execution on such adventures is lacking a bit. Just like yesterday morning:
I honestly have no clue what he was doing, but I turned and saw this. Stealthy? No. Hilarious? Yes. 

So that's been my week aside from some quilting and this stomach bug my hubby gave me. I'm almost disinfected, but for now I'm going to sip on a cup of tea and watch a movie rather than pass this onto anyone. More quilting posts soon! 


  1. Beautiful pups - our dog will only take his tablets if you grind them, mix them with the tomato ketchup and spread them on a piece of bread... the vet things we're mad!

  2. Love your pups!! I have a Chihuahua too and she loves her nest as well! They are so adorable!

  3. Cute pups! Our pups will only take medicine/pills if we cover it in peanut butter. If we try to give it to them with nothing on it, they look at us like we are crazy. ;)


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